MinT Production (Made in Turkey) is a TV production company founded by the screenwriter and producer Birol Güven in 1996.


Ever since its inception, MinT Production has always aimed to be the best in the sector.


MinT Production has gained well-deserved success with projects such as Never in Front of the Kids!, Daddy Hears the Last, Never Really Apart, Those in the Back Row, I Won’t Stay Long in Prison, The Liar Romantic and My Daisy. As MinT Production knows very well the importance of audio and video technologies as well as the quality of screenplays and acting, MP&R (MinT Post & Records) was founded in 2007. Since 2007, MinT has been doing all of its internal projects’ audio, video, music and animation work at its own studios with the utmost care and meticulousness.


Special and illustrious albums like the “Those in the Back Row OST” and “I Won’t Stay Long in Prison OST” were produced by Aydın Sarman and Burcu Güven in the MP&R studios. Equipped with cutting edge technology, MP&R is not only for the use of MinT’s internal productions; MinT also aims to provide MP&R’s services to other producers.




  • You do not need to keep MinT Production works away from children.
  • There is no ‘R’ rated content in any of our works.
  • There is no violent, adult, explicit or depressing content in our works. We don’t like to make our audiences unhappy even for a second.
  • MinT Production works are safe havens any day of the year. We are ready to accept anybody looking for a shelter at our calm harbors.
  • MinT works are both educative and fun. Our audiences always learn new things as they are being entertained.
  • MinT works may be watched by all the members of the family.
  • MinT makes sure that no age demographic gets bored while watching MinT works. Our works are neither childish works that would bore adults, nor are they unsuitable for kids. A MinT work is a common ground for the entire family and may be safely broadcast when children are not asleep.
  • MinT works tell stories about people’s daily lives. It focuses on the routine and the small details in people’s lives. It is like a contemporary photographer that brings the lives of common Turkish people to the screen.
  • There are no surprises in MinT works. They never disappoint the audience. Happiness, safe content and entertainment are guaranteed. There is never any content that would betray the audiences’ trust.
  • There is never any discrimination of any kind in MinT works.
  • Content that is beneficial to the public always has priority at MinT. MinT works convey information in order to raise public awareness, but does not forego entertaining while doing so. MinT works strive to be entertaining in all circumstances.
  • MinT produces local content that has international value. While MinT works carry the local qualities of Turkish culture, they also aim to entertain people of all nationalities.
  • MinT works are interactive; MinT places importance on interacting with audiences and values audiences’ ideas. The audience may easily reach the people who produce the works and may convey their evaluations firsthand.




Ever since it was founded in 1996 by the screenwriter and producer Birol Güven, MinT Production (Made in Turkey) has always aimed to be the best in the sector.



The fact that the arts of music and theater facilitate individuals’ mental and spiritual improvement, enrich people’s personalities and allow individuals to see life from various points of view has been proven by scientists.


As Mint Academy, we aim to help our students of all ages who see art as a way of life to realize their positive aspects and to overcome their negative aspects.


Rapidly progressing technologies and changing world circumstances and values have various implications for individuals and their requirements in life. With the sensitivity of a producer and an educator who has something to say and messages to give to the people, and as a result of observing that there is a big vacuum when it comes to helping people get an education, gain the necessary skills and get a job in the business world, we felt the need to add many vocational departments as well as the arts to our education portfolio.


Our hope is to provide services that will be beneficent to as many people as possible.




In addition to undertaking the audio and music production of many movies and TV shows, DoReMinT Music has also produced a number of music albums like Those in the Back Row (OST), Burcu Güven (First Album) and Furkan (You Are Love) since 2007. All audio and music production of significant projects like Comedy Turk, Have a Good Flight, Liar Romantic and My Daisy were realized at DoReMinT music studios.


The OST’s for movies like I Won’t Stay Long in Prison and Our Lesson: Atatürk were produced at DoReMinT’s own studios, which were designed by DoReMinT’s expert team using cutting-edge technology. DoReMinT Music also handles the PR and Management of its projects internally.